Menopause information

Menopuase (change of life) Means the end of the menstruation, women stop producing fertile eggs (4 weekly). This is a time of change for any female but can also produce diffrent feelings about yourself and your surroundings. Experts say that your diet has a lot to do with the menopause and can significantly help your body over come this with some simple eating and dieting tips below.

What you eat
Eating and your diet can drastically effect your bodies mood and feelings throughout this difficult time.

Almost every person knows the importance of having an ideal body weight, Most people think that we need to go to the gym or buy special equipment to reduce our body weight. This is not true, we can run, walk, jump rope and get guidance from published literature in books and on the internet. The important thing is to start take the plunge. You should go for it today even if we do only a few minutes.
How reduced body weight affects your life?

Reducing only 10 percent of your body weight will make you feel as if you are born again. The changes brought about by reducing body weight are so drastic that it feels like a ‘rebirth’ of you with a whole new personality and new avenues will lay open in your life.

1.    Psychomotor advantages:
Psychomotor benefits of exercise include better directional coordination. Once you are slim and active precision improves in your daily acts. Orientation develops in your motor skills and you become able to handle fine tasks for several hours without fatiguing yourself.

2.    Psychological benefits:
Weight loss and exercise has anti depression effect. Outdoor Exercise regulates levels of serotonin, whose excess is one of the causes of depression. This means that we can say that weight loss can make you happy and delightful. Physical activity is the perfect antidote to eliminate anxiety and high stress levels. Regular exercise ensures that you get a perfect deep sleep. Your every morning will be full of life and energy.

3.    Ideal appearance:
Exercise increases the amount of muscle and burns fat at a rate that will not harm your health. Both affects lead to ideal body shape. This change in your appearance will open new avenues in your life.

4.    Get control of blood sugar:
Exercise helps maintain healthy blood sugar, increasing the sensitivity of cells to insulin and controlling weight. Give brisk walking can significantly mitigate the risk of type 2 diabetes. Improvement in the endocrine regulation of glucose levels and insulin sensitivity will ensure that your blood level of glucose is well regulated all the time. Moreover, if you are already suffering from diabetes mellitus, reducing your weight and doing regular exercise will help you in getting rid of body any medications that you take for it.


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